New features

Sage 50 Accounts includes some great new features, many of which are a direct result of your feedback and requests.

New look and feel We've listened to you and radically improved the look and feel of the new Sage 50 Accounts. You can quickly navigate between ledgers, and easily find the tasks you need. We've simplified the steps to open the software features, but we haven't removed any of the options.

With the new navigation pane on the left, you have one click access to all ledgers, wherever you are in the software.

We've also introduced a new dynamic toolbar. This means you can see all of the options for the ledger you're currently accessing at all times, regardless of the window size, making the software simple, uncluttered and customisable.
Backup manager Creating regular backups of your data is good practice and protects the integrity of your data. Until now, you had to manually back up your data, but with the new Backup Manager you can:
  • Continue to work in Sage 50 Accounts uninterrupted by scheduling regular backups at a time that suits you. You can even create these backups while others are still working in the software.
  • Check your data and back up while others are still logged in to the software.
  • Manage backups for all companies through a single console.
  • See if anyone is currently logged in to a company.
The Backup manager is switched on by default, and you can only access it when logged in as Manager. To access the Backup manager open File > Schedule back up.
Inactive accounts To help you quickly find your customers, suppliers and products, you can now hide inactive records from your lists. This also reduces the possibility of processing errors. You can switch between active and inactive accounts with a new check box, providing certain criteria are met.
Windows selection method You can now choose how you want to select multiple records in a list. You can use the existing Sage accounts method of clicking individual records, or you can use a Windows style selection method. Using the Windows style selection method you can easily select multiple records using mouse clicks, in conjunction with the shift and Ctrl keys.
Refreshed access rights We've simplified how you control access to the various areas of the software. It's easy to add new users, remove users, allow or remove access to modules in the software and copy access rights from one user to another.
Shortcut keys If you prefer to use your keyboard to navigate around the software you can use a number of keyboard shortcuts. To view the shortcuts in the software, hold down the Alt key. To use a shortcut, hold down the Alt key and press the key for the option you require.
Multiple user options Sage 50 Accounts Professional only

More people can access Sage 50 Accounts than ever before. If you use a network version of Sage Accounts, this release supports up to 20 people processing at the same time.

Choose your colour theme You can now personalise Sage 50 Accounts by choosing from three different colour themes. To choose your scheme, open Tools > Options > Colours and choose from Dark, Light or White.
Available from 8th December 2014...
Sage Drive Connections and Business Manager app
If you're always on the go, there may be times when you're not in the office, but still need to view your business accounts. In this version of Sage 50 Accounts you can upload your data to the cloud, which you can then access from one other location, such as your home. Your accountant can also connect to your cloud data. This saves time as you no longer need to send them backups of your data. Any changes your or your accountant make to your data in the cloud automatically updates your office based data in real time.

In addition to this, you can also download Sage 50 Accounts Tracker app to a mobile device, allowing up to 25 people to access the cloud data.

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