Communicate effectively with your contacts

Sage ACT! is ideal for sending all of your updates, promotions, newsletters and letters to individuals or your whole database by email or mail.

  • Know when to send the right message: analysing your sales trends and customer profiles using Sage ACT! makes it easy to know what to send and how to send it.
  • Send professional looking communications: choose from a selection of pre-prepared email or letter templates or customise your own.
  • Communicate in a way that suits your business: you can use Sage ACT! to send e-mails and letters, and store information about phone calls and meetings.
  • Easily view contact’s communication history: everything you send using Sage ACT! is stored in one easily accessible section of each of your contact’s records.


Make Sage ACT! fit perfectly with your business

Sage ACT! works seamlessly with popular desktop and web-based tools, and you can personalise it in lots of different ways to fit your business and users.

  • Personalise Sage ACT! to suit your needs:  change the way it looks, including layouts, colours, menus and fonts, and extract the information you need by tailoring reports, templates and dashboards.
  • Seamlessly connect with Sage 50 Accounts 2013: view and create invoices, quotations, sales orders* and contact and company information.
  • Connect to social media: integrate and extract data from popular social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Connect to the web: find and store more detail about your contacts with Google Maps, Google search, websites and more.
  • Sync with your email service: you can connect with many email management tools and providers to keep your email, calendar and contacts up to date.


Get a clear view of your customers and contacts

Sage ACT! lets you keep customer and contact information organised and actionable.

  • Your contact activity all in one place: keep contact information, notes, documents, opportunities, social media profiles, history and more all together for one single orderly view.
  • Group contacts into categories: you can group related contacts into groups and companies for easy viewing and more targeted communicating.
  • Quick and easy search: Sage ACT!’s powerful search feature not only searches your database, it also searches documents attached to contact records to find the information you need.
  • Connect with Sage 50 Accounts: easily see your contact’s information, account balance, status, credit terms and track your sales from leads to payment received.
  • Information on the go: with the Sage ACT! Connect add-on, you can access your contacts and calendar from smartphones and web browsers on your laptop and tablet, like the iPad.

Make the most of your working day

With Sage ACT! you can get through your working day in an organised and prioritised manner. The software gives you reminders for the tasks you need to do and an intuitive alternative to note-taking.

  • Convenient desktop notepad: a great alternative to sticky notes and scrap paper note-taking, Scratchpad allows you to quickly capture notes, reminders and phone numbers.
  • Avoid losing information: you can use Sage ACT! Scratchpad to create a prioritised to-do list, mark items as complete and import them into Sage ACT! in just a few clicks.
  • Make managing your workflow easier: accomplish more with Smart Tasks that will automatically trigger and perform tasks or processes.
  • Getting started with Smart Tasks is easy: choose from a selection of pre-defined Smart Task templates, including calendar activities and emails, or customise your own.


Manage and forecast your sales

Manage and stay in control of your sales pipeline with a selection of built-in sales processes or easily add your own to fit your business.

  • Get an instant overview of your sales: our handy customisable dashboards give you a quick overview of your opportunities, sales and product performance. 
  • Track sales opportunities from the beginning: track each sales opportunity from the initial lead right through to invoicing and closing the sale.
  • Keep your accounts up to date with Sage ACT!: you can generate sales orders and invoices, and update shipping and payment statuses in Sage 50 Accounts with a few easy clicks.*
  • Forecast with a selection of reports: make your forecasting more accurate by adding the probability of winning sales to your opportunities and estimated dates for close.
  • Measure your business performance: gain real insight into your sales and trends with a selection of customisable reports to choose from.
*sales orders, goods received and goods despatched functionality only available in Sage 50 Accounts Professional

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