Easy to get up and running

  • Simple company setup that allows you to customise your software to match your business

  • Clear, simple language with no accounting jargon

  • Demo & practice data to help you get to grips with 50 Accounts

  • Simple walk-throughs of key processes like Year End and VAT returns

  • Easily import Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx) and .csv files

Tailor to fit your business

  • Easily customise your reports to suit your business

  • Single user and single company licence included as standard

  • Up to 2 concurrent users & install over a network

  • Manage the accounts of an unlimited number of companies

  • Easily set up a Chart of Accounts that's suited to your business

  • Control budgets for key areas of your business & forecast cash flow

  • Preferences and access levels for different users

  • Manage your time and meet important deadlines with integrated diary

  • Keep your data safe with easy backup

Take the hassle out of VAT

  • Dedicated section to VAT walks you through all you need to do

  • Complete your VAT returns in four easy steps in the VAT wizard

  • Calculate & reconcile VAT returns easily

  • Submit your VAT returns to directly to HMRC online (now a legal requirement for most businesses)

  • Set up different tax codes and rates to suit your business

  • Manage standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting, Flat Rate VAT & Irish VAT Cash Accounting

  • Record and manage EC Sales List returns

Manage your cash flow

  • Record money going in and out of your business

  • Manage multiple payment methods: cash, cheque, card, direct debits and discounts

  • See Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports

  • Share your data and information electronically with your accountant

  • See your credit position & reconcile with your bank account for up to date figures

  • Easily correct mistakes and set 'lock dates' to close-off financial periods

  • Process Year End and Month End easily with helpful step-by-step guide

Manage your customers

  • Create, store and easily find all your customer information

  • Search customer records instantly with the 'Quick search' feature

  • Customer dashboard highlights outstanding debts

  • Easily create & customise professional looking quotations and invoices

  • Record sales invoices in batches to save time

  • Easily send quotes, invoices and statements by email

  • Add Sage Pay 'Pay now' buttons to invoices for quick payment (requires Sage Pay subscription)

  • Check the profit of quotes before committing

  • Save and view a complete history of customer communication and activity

  • Apply flexible discounts & easily process refunds

  • Easily generate insightful reports to analyse customer activity, debt and your best customers

Manage your suppliers

  • Store supplier addresses, contacts and credit information

  • See a simple breakdown of outstanding invoices & who you owe money to

  • Identify urgent outstanding payments & set tasks to complete for the day

  • Record purchase invoices in batches to save time

  • Save and view a history of all supplier activity and communications

  • Pay invoices promptly from Sage 50 Accounts

  • Use a variety of reports to analyse your supplier debt, activity and performance

  • Search supplier records instantly with the 'Quick search' feature

  •    Easily email documents to your suppliers

Manage your products and stock levels

  • Set up product stock codes, descriptions, categories and prices

  • Record services and easily create service quotes & invoices

  • See your top and bottom performing products on the handy dashboard

  • View the quantity and value of products you have in stock

  • Automatically update stock levels when invoices are posted

  • See the profitability of different products you offer

  • Keep your records up to date with a stock take

  • Add barcodes and QR codes to products to speed up processing

  • View sales broken down by different customers

  • Generate insightful reports about product performance

Technical information

Apple Mac compatibility

  • Sage software is not compatible with Apple Macs, unless you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Window 8 or Window 8.1 via Apple's Boot Camp utility.

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