The Report Writer module allows you to customise standard reports per user as well as stationery layouts per user. It integrates into every module within the Evolution system.

You can change layouts, add and remove fields, and perform additional calculations or subtotals. You can even write your own SQL script for advanced functionality.

The system includes a tutorial programme that will guide you through the process of report writing.

Key Features

  •  Use the large range of standard reports 
  •  Copy standard reports and customise
  •  Create your own reports from scratch
  •  Modify or create your own document layouts for:
             ·  Purchase Orders
             ·  Goods Received Notes
             ·  Supplier Invoice
             ·  Quotations
             ·  Sales Orders
             ·  Sales Order Picking Slips
             ·  Delivery Notes
             ·  Invoices
             ·  Credit Notes (Tax Adjustment Note)
             ·  Return to Supplier (Supplier Credit Note)

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