Outstanding orders, processed orders and back orders can all be controlled within the Sales & Purchase Order Entry module.  It can also be fully integrated into Evolution's Inventory, Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables modules.

Stock quantities for customers can always be reserved.  Purchase Orders can also be created automatically, using the re-order on the inventory records.  Quotes can be confirmed and converted into Sales Orders.

Powerful reporting helps you manage outstanding and overdue orders.  Custom defined fields can also be added to Reports, with reports being fully customisable.

Key Features

  •  Invoices automatically created for dispatched goods
  •  Part Deliver Goods on Sales Orders or Part Receive Orders
  •  Print Picking Slips and Delivery Documents, Print Purchase Order, Goods Receipt & Supplier Invoice Documents
  •  Enter Prices Exclusive or Inclusive of VAT
  •  Add User Defined Custom Fields to Sales Orders or Purchase Orders
  •  Automatic Purchase Order Creation based of Inventory Re-Order Levels
  •  Add Memo Lines for Free Text
  •  Stored Sales Order Message Option
  •  Record Sales Rep by Sales Order Total or individual product on the Invoice
  •  Record Project by Sales Order Total or individual product on the Invoice
  •  Add or Remove Sales / Purchase Order Columns
  •  Reserve Stock on Sales Order
  •  Product Search Function
  •  Auto Create Credit Note from existing Sales Order
  •  Memorise Sales Orders / Purchase Orders for Future use
  •  Process transactions directly to the General Ledger
  •  Reprint Archived Sales Orders
  •  Create Custom Invoice / Credit / Purchase Order Documents
  •  Sales and Purchase Order Reports

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