With Invoicing, you have the ability to receive and immediately update your stock based on a delivery note from your supplier, without having to update the supplier account until you have received the actual supplier invoice.

This scenario normally takes place when stock might be delivered with a delivery note, but the supplier invoice will only be issued on a future date.

Custom Invoice & Credit Documents can be created to suit user needs. Invoicing Reports are also available, and are fully customisable with the ability to add custom user fields.

Key Features
  •  Auto or Manual Numbering
  •  Save Invoice / Credit Note in Progress
  •  Enter Prices Exclusive or Inclusive
  •  Add User Defined Custom Fields to Invoice
  •  Add Memo Lines of Free Text
  •  Stored Invoice Message Option
  •  Record Sales Rep by Invoice Total or individual product on the Invoice
  •  Record Project by Invoice Total or individual product on the Invoice
  •  Add or Remove Invoice Columns
  •  Reserve Stock on Invoice
  •  Product Search Function
  •  Auto Create Credit Note from existing Invoice
  •  Memorise Invoices for Future use
  •  Process transactions direct to the General Ledger
  •  Reprint Archived Invoices or Credit Notes
  •  Create Custom Invoice / Credit Documents
  •  Invoicing Reports

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