Customers and supplier balances are available at the click of a button.

Confirmation of delivery requirements, selling prices, discounts and available customer credit are very easy to get to.

Reports are always at hand & customisable for that little extra analysis one would need.

Key Features

  •          Various Data Entry Methods
  •          Standard Single Entry Invoice, Credit etc.
  •          Batch Invoices, Credits, Receipts etc.
  •          By Purchase Order / Invoice or Sales Order
  •          Transaction Drilldown
  •          Multiple Creditor / Debtor Control Accounts
  •          Multiple Address's
  •          Multiple Delivery Address's
  •          Physical Business Address
  •          Postal Address
  •          Supplier / Customer Area and Group Feature
  •          Custom Transaction Type Configurations
  •          EFT Payments
  •          Cheque Printing
  •          Customer Area & Group Feature
  •          Custom Transaction Type Configurations
  •          Sales Rep Function & Reporting
  •          Settlement Discount Feature
  •          Aging 30, 7 Days or Custom Setup
  •          Aging by Date of Statement or Invoice
  •          Open Item or Balance Brought Forward
  •          User Defined Fields for custom data
  •          Unlimited Price Lists
  •          Reports


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