This add-on module allows you to keep inventory items in discrete areas, or warehouses. You can use warehouses for many types of situations:

  •     Physical warehouses in different geographic areas.
  •     Keep raw materials and/or internal parts separate from items you sell.
  •     Keep track of consignment stock/samples in a separate warehouse.
  •     Separate obsolete items into a separate warehouse.
  •     Track demo stock allocated to sales representatives.
  •     Track costs per warehouse. 

Inter-branch Transfers (IBT) 

This feature has been designed so that you are able to transfer items from the dispatching warehouse directly into a “goods in transit” (GIT) warehouse. The inventory will remain in this warehouse until the receiving warehouse does a receipt from the GIT warehouse.

Two additional warehouses are created by the program: a damaged goods warehouse and a variance warehouse. This allows you to allocate and account for the receipt of inventory items by allocating them into the receiving warehouse. Any items not accounted for, will either be allocated to the damaged goods or variance warehouse where reconciliation can later be processed. Documentation is printed through the different stages to accompany the delivery of goods, and reports can be printed to indicate the location of stock at any given time within the system

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