The Job Costing add-on module lets you invoice jobs to customers. A job card is more powerful than an invoice, because it gives you more options when invoicing.  Inventory items can be inputted into jobs, the same way as normal invoices.  Service items can also be inputted to invoice labour items. 

Negative lines can be invoiced thus removing the need for a credit note.  One job card can be invoiced multiple number of times, making it very helpful when a job spans over a long period of time and the customer wants to pay in stages.

Job Templates can be created where the workload is reduced considerably.  Popular templates of jobs that are performed can be created once and then copied every time.

Key Features
  •  The Job Costing module lets you create jobs. Each job can contain multiple transactions or processes from one or more of customer, supplier, inventory, general ledger. For example, you can bring a customer's vehicle, appliance, or whatever, into your workshop, use parts and labour to repair it, and then invoice the customer.
  •  Features include:
              ·  Create Job Quotes
              ·  Job Card Entry
              ·  Invoice a job partially, thereby creating many invoices for a single job card
              ·  Create Job Templates
  •  Typical activities for job cards are:
              ·  Motor vehicle service and repair workshops
              ·  Equipment repair and servicing
              ·  Control of manufacturing operations
              ·  Consultants who allocate time and materials to clients

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